in collaboration with
Natascha Sadr Haghighian and Ashkan Sepahvand

commissioned by
11th Gwangju Biennial The 8th climate (What can art do?)

sonic pill, curtain, found site

A curtain hanging in the woods marks the entrance to the Carbon Theater and presents the viewer with symbols and illustrations that act as a legend for an accompanying “sonic pill” that can be downloaded as an mp3 file upon scanning an affixed QR code with one’s smart phone.

“Exploring this already existing space of the dormant amphitheater and the surrounding forest, visitors can join their walk with an aural investigation into the carbon cycle and the various bonds carbon makes that support life on Earth but also, when changed, alter the conditions for life altogether. The sonic pill introduces different interlocutors that address the material entanglement of contemporary society with carbon – from its role in the capitalist market to its generative function within the history of democracy, as well as the challenge climate change presents to social, political, and aesthetic organization within the future.” 

- Margarida Mendes