February 21st, 2016

in collaboration with Tomoko Sauvage
curated and hosted by Julie Gamberoni
Salon de Musique / Paris FR

The performed piece is dedicated to the ancient continent of Mu (Lemuria) which is located underwater between Japan, Hawaii and the Easter Islands. Tomoko Sauvage, japanese musician and sound artist based in Paris, creates drops, waves and bubbles within porcelain bowls of various sizes, filled with water. The sound of her aquatic movements is amplified by several hydrophones (microphone submarines) forming undulating drones and natural harmonics according to the resonance of the architecture. Judith Sönnicken is creating objects from several blocks of clay without conscious reflection, only guided by Tomoko’s sound of water. The materialism of clay and water shapes geometries and symbols from a collective pool of memory. Like the continent in its current location, the parisien venue is soaked in blue light, inviting to time-travel into our subconscious origins of water, flow, and primal play.