A multidimensional slideshow by Judith Sönnicken and Marius Schmidt

Gonçalo Sena

Judith Sönnicken

Claudia Larcher

Nuno Henriques

Leo Peschta

Junji Ito

Marius Schmidt

THERMODYNAMIC TWILIGHT is the second part of the exhibition dyptichon currently on view at Galeria Monumental, Lisbon. The concept of this show is inspired by the shape of a spiral and the horror manga “Uzumaki” by Junji Ito, released in Japan in 1998. The first part, TRANCEATLANTIC CUBIZM, took place in Boutique, Cologne in July 2013. 

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Kirie, you witnessed the first known incident leading to the case we are facing in Kurôzu-cho, Japan. Could you tell us what happened?

I was on my way home when I saw the father of my boyfriend Shuichu. He was kneeling down in a small alley filming the detail of a wall of natural black stones. When I approached him, I recognized a small snail on its way up. He was completely focused on it and I immediately figured that this was not a moment to talk to him.

So you didn’t talk to him at all? 

No, I left him alone. The next time I met him was when Shuichi invited me over for dinner at his family’s house. Out of nothing, his father lost it when his miso soup ran out of spiral-patterned kamaboku. Soon after that I found out that even his recent ceramic work consisted of spiral shapes entirely. 

Sounds like an artistic approach so far.  When did things get out of hand?

When he disappeared. I went to look for him with Shuichi and his mother who had developed a deep aversion towards anything that resembles a spiral. We found him in the garden shed,  inside of the washing machine - in shape of a spiral. As we found out watching his footage later, he was filming himself climbing into the laundry drum to finally become one himself.

That gives me the shivers. How did his wife take it?

She lost it.... she was brought into hospital where, in an attempt to remove any spirals from her body, she removed her finger prints by cutting them off and also tried to rearrange the spirals from her inner ears. The doctors put her on sedative downers. It seems they are unable to cope with the recent amount of vortexes entering the hospital. 
The spiral turns into an eternal pull…

Thank you for this interview. We wish you all the best for the upcoming events.

My pleasure.

Galeria Monumental

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