Virtual ritual

Performers, costumes, tools: Sonja Gerdes, Judith Sönnicken
Sound: Martin Velez
Producer: Daniel Lisi
Studio:, Los Angeles
Post-production: Serhiy Protsenko
Plant selection: Alika Cooper
Thanks to: Chris Varenhorst, Kristoffer Josefsson,
Caspar Böhme, Hansun Hsiung

Two interdimensional travelers are planting flora in the garden of the Googleplex building in Silicon Valley. The ritual takes place in virtual reality, allowing them to trespass into a corporate, privatized environment that embodies a search engine. While Google claims accessibility to all human knowledge in virtual space, the two figures are glitching through the cracks of this mental geography, in order to introduce unknown species into its actual garden.

The sound consists of adaptive biofeedback of the plants
to their environment, touch and water.