in collaboration with Cojimo Ancerias
site specific for 34°3’8.0460’’ N, 118°14’37.2588’’W
(Los Angeles)  

vertically installed T-shirts, slide show of andromeda galaxy, sound of earth’s magnetic frequency (7,83 htz),
facebook chat on verticality, found object that resembles human vertebrae, periodic table textile, skewers 

The human spine, a vertical mineral structure,
seamlessly ascended into the heavens
via rope systems in greek drama around 4 B.C.
The sound of geomagnetism turns feet into roots.
The combination of visual height and audio depth
creates an extended sensory spectrum
of vertical embodiment.
The title, being a phonetic interpretation
of the word fundamental like all inscriptions on the six shirts,
refers to Jean-Claude Van Damme
who personifies a bridge between ballet and karate.